It was years ago in the art high school, when I discovered clay as a way of expression and when I've found myself in a mud...In a years after my interests went in other directions. I was wandering a bit, doing other things, BUT from time to time I was always coming back on my good, old clay way! Annnnd today...well here i am, mmmm....a little bit stuck in the mud :)


I'm interested in old, native techniques of making and decorating pottery, and so all my pots are made in that fashion. Because it's giving big opportunities and freedom in shaping, I'm doing my pots in ancient handbuilding technique, and that is coiling.
My style is based on forms that are from classic to totally non-classic with accent on differently shaped rims, texture, reliefs, beauty of natural clay colors, play of shapes and shadows etc.
Finished pots I often decorate with details of other natural materials such as rope knotted in makrame technique or leather.


What I am mostly doing is decorative pottery. As a decorative objects, because of their natural tones, simplicity, rustic and some kind of ethno look, is easy to fit them in any  type of  interior design.


All my artworks are handmade and as such unique.